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AstroPro™ – Revolutionary Galaxy Astronaut Projector

AstroPro™ – Revolutionary Galaxy Astronaut Projector

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“My toddler loves his AstroPro™! Lately, he had been developing a little bit of a fear of the dark so I decided to get him a night light. He is fascinated by Buzz Lightyear so when I came across AstroPro™, it was a no-brainer for me, I had to get him one. It is safe to say that it works like magic, now not only does he sleeps so much better, but my husband and I feel relieved knowing that our baby is getting a good night’s sleep.”

Fear of the dark is a common problem for most children, which contributes to their lack of sleep and, in many cases, causes nightmares. Lack of sleep for kids often results in a variety of physical, mental, and emotional problems that can seriously impact how they grow up. This can lead to a weakened immune system and can cause cardiovascular damage and in some cases gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome.


The AstroPro™ is the perfect night light that features 8 different galaxy modes that turn any room into a blissful space. It promotes better sleep for children by reducing anxiety and fear of the darkness, through the relaxation and absolute serenity that the beautiful night sky provides. Experience the peace of mind of knowing that kids fall asleep faster and easier while also making bedtime more fun and engaging.

6 Reasons Why The AstroPro™ Will Change Your Life

 Mesmerizing Effects: The AstroPro™ features 8 galaxy modes that transform any room into a beautiful, comfortable, and calming environment. This creates a positive and immersive atmosphere that helps children to calm and relax the body, which results in better sleep.

✅ Perfect Night Light: The beautiful starry galaxies produced by AstroPro™ find the perfect balance between a bright and a dark room. The projections are subtle enough to brighten any room while at the same time allowing children to enjoy an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

 Adjustable Head & Brightness: Designed with versatility and convenience in mind, AstroPro™ features a 360° free-moving head that ensures the perfect angle and brightness. This helps to create the perfect sleeping environment while projecting a beautiful light show in any direction.


 Modern Design: The AstroPro™ features a fun and interactive design that complements any decor and entices kids to play with it. Surprise your kids with a cool toy that can show them the nebula projection, so they can look forward to bedtime.

 Makes Bedtime Fun: The Illumination effect of a unique nebula entices kids to come to bed and enjoy the show. Experience less hassle getting children to get in bed, by making bedtime more exciting and engaging.

 Automatic Sleep Timer: The AstroPro™ features a power down preset that automatically turns itself off after 45 or 90 minutes. This results in stress-free sleep for children and peace of mind for parents, as it removes the need to manually turn it off.

At Authentic Decor, we understand how frustrating it can be when the little ones are having a hard time getting to bed in dark environments. It especially becomes worrisome when the child can`t relax during the nighttime and sees nightmares. According to the Children’s Hospital Colorado, lack of sleep in children results in learning problems, growth issues, and moodiness.

The AstroPro™ allows your children to enjoy a deep night’s sleep and never worry again about nightmares caused by fear of the dark. It`s not just a fun star projector, it creates a peaceful environment for the most precious being in the family by turning any room into a beautiful dream-like galaxy. Experience the relief of knowing that the children are resting soundly with a companion who can guide them through the night.

How To Use

1. Plug the charger into the back of AstroPro™ and an outlet.
2. Mount AstroPro™ onto the moon base.
3. Use the remote found in the box to toggle between the 8 different galaxy effects by pressing the “NEBULA” button.
4. Press the “STAR” button to turn on the star lights.
5. Use the “B” buttons to adjust brightness and the “S” buttons to adjust speed.
6. Galaxy modes and star mode can be used simultaneously or separately.
7. Enjoy a great night’s sleep with a sky full of stars.

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